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Sciatica or Low Back Pain

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Many of our patients who are complaining of the above symptoms are very frequently found to be suffering from Piriformis Muscle Spasm.

Few health professionals actually do a Functional Exam of patients complaining of these symptoms and rely instead on X-rays or MRI’s which often miss this simple but common cause of this misery.

A simple self test can confirm your need to see a Physical Therapist.

1. Lie on your back and bend your knee to 90°- try to move the bent knee across your body towards the opposite side, if the knee won’t go across the midline of your body, and the opposite knee does when compared, then chances are very good you have Piriformis Muscle Spasm. Even when X-rays or other imaging is positive, one visit with your therapist can confirm, and treat this common cause of Sciatic or Low Back pain.







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